Types of Tail Lifts

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck trying to load heavy equipment or bulky items into your vehicle, you know the struggle is real. This is where tail lift comes in to help and improve operational efficiency. But here’s the catch: not all tail lifts are created equal. With so many types on the market, how do you know which one suits your needs best?

Whether you’re in the trucking business, managing a warehouse, or just curious about the mechanics of moving heavy loads, choosing the right tail lift can feel like finding a needle in a haystack until you find a trusted tail lift supplier.

As a leading tail lift manufacturer in UAE, Tusker Engineering compelled an insightful guide to lift your knowledge about tail lift types. So without further ado, let’s explore different types of tail lifts and make informed choices.

An In-depth Look at Different Tail Lift Types

The below listed represent one of the common types of tail lifts. They are known to address a wide range of cargo handling needs by providing efficient tailored solutions for various industries and transportation needs. Let’s have an in-depth look!

1. Cantilever Tail Lift 

The Cantilever Tail Lift is a versatile option among the various types of tail lifts available. These tail lifts offer a unique solution to the challenges of loading and unloading cargo, particularly in situations where conventional tailgate lifts may not be suitable. If you require an aluminum or steel model, Tusker Engineering is a trusted cantilever tail lift manufacturer in UAE with a rich track record of providing industry-centric solutions. 

Specifications of Cantilever Tail Lift:

➟ Hydraulic or electric powered.

➟ Controlled by a panel on the truck.

➟ Ideal for tight spaces.

➟ Horizontal extension for efficient operation.

➟ Ensures stability during use.

2. Slider Tail Lift 

Among the diverse tail lift types, the slider tail lift stands out for its sliding mechanism. Unlike a cantilever lift which extends outward, a slider lift slides out horizontally along rails mounted underneath the truck chassis. This sliding mechanism allows the platform to reach beneath the truck bed, creating a smooth transition between the ground and the cargo area.

Specifications of Slider Tail Lift:

➟ Safer loading/unloading.

➟ Platform slides for easy access.

➟ Fits various vehicle sizes.

➟ Perfect for multiple-dropoints shipping.

➟ Requires minimal maintenance.

3. Tuck-away Tail Lift 

The Tuck-away Tail Lift is a space-saving solution that neatly tucks beneath the rear of the vehicle when not in use. This type of tail lift is highly valued for its compact design, making it an ideal choice for applications where space is at a premium. Despite its small footprint, the Tuck-away Tail Lift boasts impressive lifting capacities without compromising on functionality.

Specifications of Tuck-away Tail Lift:

➟ Hydraulically powered platform.

➟ Secure stowing mechanism.

➟ Tailored for urban settings.

➟ Wide range of weight capacities.

➟ Promotes safety and ease of use.

4. Column Tail Lift 

Among the different tail lift types, the Column Tail Lift stands out for its robust construction and stability. This type of tail lift features vertical columns that support the lifting platform, providing strength and durability during operation. Column Tail Lifts are favored for their ability to handle heavy loads with ease.

Specifications of Column Tail Lift:

➟ Vertical lifting proficiency.

➟ Supports diverse load sizes.

➟ Requires rear clearance.

➟ Promotes operational stability.

➟ Anti-sway technology.

5. Railgate Tail Lift

The Rail Gate Tail Lift utilizes a rail system to guide the lifting platform both vertically and horizontally. This precise control over movement makes it an excellent choice for handling delicate or oversized items. Rail Gate Tail Lifts are renowned for their smooth operation and versatility

Specifications of Railgate Tail Lift:

➟ Suited for heavy loads.

➟ Flexible platform positioning.

➟ Regular maintenance is essential.

➟ Smooth railing system.

➟ Load stabilization feature

6. Retractable Lift 

When not in use, the retractable platform of retractable tail lifts can be vertically stored against the back of the vehicle. Not only does this kind of tail lift save space by retracting, but it also provides the ease of a flatbed surface for loading and unloading. These lifts are highly efficient, making them popular for a range of transportation applications.

Specifications of Retractable Tail Lift:

➟ Versatile angle options.

➟ Tailored for tight spaces.

➟ Adaptable to different cargo sizes.

➟ Auto-leveling feature.

➟ Dual control mechanisms.

7. Folding Tail Lift 

Folding Tail Lifts feature a platform that folds into sections, allowing for easy deployment and retraction. This design ensures swift operation and compact storage, making it ideal for vehicles with limited space constraints. They are commonly used in urban delivery vehicles and commercial fleets, where efficiency and mobility are vital factors.

Specifications of Folding Tail Lift:

➟ Quick response time.

➟ Compact & durable design.

➟ Multiple weight capacity options.

➟ Secure folding mechanism

➟ Easy installation process.

A Guide to Choose the Right Tail Lift for Businesses

The following table is for general overview purposes only. Tail lift types and other aspects may vary based on specific factors. For more accurate details, get in touch with a top tail lift manufacturer and supplier in the UAE.

AspectCantilever Slider Tuck-away Column Rail Gate Retractable Folding 
Space EfficiencyExcellentModerateOptimalLowOkayishHighVaried
Vertical Clearance4-6 inches6-8 inches10-12 inch.6-8 inch6-8 inch8-10 inch12-15 inch
Horizontal ClearanceModerateModerateHighLowHighHighHigh
Ease of AccessRequires space behind the vehicleRequires space behind the vehicleUnobstructed access to the rearOpen pathway for easy accessEasy access from the rearWide access when fully extended.Easy access from the rear
InstallationMounted under the rear of the vehicleMounted under the rear of the vehicleMounted under the rear of the vehicleMounted on the rear of the vehicleMounted on the rear of the vehicleMounted on the rear of the vehicleMounted on the rear of the vehicle
Load Capacity750-3.5k KG500-2.5k KG1k-1.5k KGUpto 2k KG500-1k KG1k-2k KG750-2,5 KG

Bottom Line:

Selecting the appropriate type of tail lift is pivotal to enhancing efficiency in cargo handling and streamlining logistics operations. Tusker Engineering FZC stands out as a reputable commercial vehicle body manufacturer in the UAE. With their range of aluminum and steel cantilever tail lifts, Tusker Engineering has years of experience in offering customized solutions to meet your handling needs successfully. Contact us to Get an accurate quote today!

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